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No.4400 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 11:52] [Report] 1604335928051.jpg (59275 B, 500x400) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
59275 B

Does Chansluts have a future or is it stuck in the past?

No WEBP image support.

No IPV6 support.

Is this a metaphor for how we all stubbornly refuse to move on from Cracky?

We cling to obsolete protocols, obsolete image formats, and most of all, an obsolete girl.

NOTICE: Cracky-chan is deprecated and may be deleted in a future reality update. No further features will be added to her nor will any of her many remaining bugs ever be fixed. Please update your workflows to ensure that you are not dependent on Cracky-chan or you may find yourself unable to function after she is removed from the universe.

No.4401 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 12:26] [Report] []

ipv6 is garbage and it breaks things with wakaba. provide code to support webp and it'll be supported. it's probably pretty simple but also seemingly pointless.

No.4402 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 16:12] [Report] []

imagine if her feet were in this pic omg could you imagine?

No.4403 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 16:34] [Report] 1604352863013.png (68691 B, 1000x1000) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.4407 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 17:33] [Report] 1604356439896.jpg (105981 B, 508x741) [YIS] [GIS] []
105981 B


ironically, Stonetoss posts his comics as WEBP, and his site supports IPV6

I know he's like a Nazi or something but in many regards he's progressive & ahead of the curve

No.4408 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:04] [Report] []

red heads have amazing feet cute little red soles

No.4409 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:07] [Report] []

>>4408 sir that is a child

No.4410 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:09] [Report] []

i'm talking about in general not kids or anything.
plus she's my wife so i can say that.

No.4411 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:31] [Report] []

marrying children is illegal in most places

No.4412 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:46] [Report] []

yeah well 'most places' are terrible.

No.4413 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 18:49] [Report] []

can you post some recent pictures of your wife?

No.4414 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 19:05] [Report] []

no, i can't jeopardize her safety

No.4415 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-02 19:10] [Report] []


okay well then

I'll kill her if you DON'T post a picture

but if you do, she will be safe

No.4427 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-04 03:06] [Report] []

this just in Cracky is new president

No.4436 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-04 14:09] [Report] 1604516946896.png (592009 B, 933x445) [YIS] [GIS] []
592009 B

>>4427 I checked the news and you are wrong.

Reported for misinformation and attempted election interference.

No.4556 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-16 20:01] [Report] []

Isn't lack of IPV6 a form of racism?

Lots of people in developing nations can't afford IPV4 IPs.

No.4565 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-16 22:46] [Report] []

>>4556 good

No.4570 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 06:02] [Report] []


No.4575 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 06:51] [Report] []

door swings open
Olivia! You better not be looking at big black cocks again!"

No.4577 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 09:33] [Report] []

Is she allowed to look at small black cocks?

No.4582 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 12:22] [Report] 1605633742241.jpg (33295 B, 474x474) [YIS] [GIS] []
33295 B

Cracky loves BBC the bigger and blacker the better

No.4583 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 12:37] [Report] []

Oh just stop.

No.4585 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-17 14:18] [Report] []

Question to the "black cocks" aficionados:

are these penises circumcised or no?

No.4648 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 08:35] [Report] []


If she had to choose between two cocks, the first slightly larger than the second, but the second slightly blacker than the first, which cock would she choose?

No.4649 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 09:09] [Report] []

To make it clear what I'm asking, these are the two cock options:

COCK A: Very large, slightly black

COCK B: Slightly large, very black

I know she would want both but which would she prefer if she could ONLY choose one?

No.4650 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 09:22] [Report] []

Cracky could get any cock she wanted

No.4652 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 11:23] [Report] []

Let's assume that she only has time for one.

No.4655 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 11:42] [Report] []

>>4650 she can't get mine because I'm not a degenerate

No.4656 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 11:56] [Report] []

any relevant cock for that matter

No.4657 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 13:20] [Report] 1605810025920.jpg (411230 B, 1242x691) [YIS] [GIS] []
411230 B

My cock is the most relevant cock. Women and men from all corners of the globe beg to touch my cock, but I always refuse.

No.4658 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 16:48] [Report] []
No.4659 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 17:00] [Report] []

anybody found a the link to her onlyfans yet?

No.4660 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 17:17] [Report] []

>>4659 she took it down... I pretended to be Schwill and sent her a message saying "I LIVED BITCH". She went back into hiding and hasn't been seen or heard from since then.

No.4661 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-19 19:13] [Report] []


No.4696 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-11-20 16:48] [Report] []

U Jelly? lmao

No.6141 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 14:38] [Report] 1614022730721.jpg (68295 B, 620x456) [YIS] [GIS] []
68295 B and are accessible via IPV6

and yet is not

pic related

No.6142 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 14:43] [Report] []

I even added the IPV6 IP to my hosts file and I thought it was going to work but got cockblocked by the SSL

No.6143 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 15:20] [Report] []

what is

No.6151 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 18:36] [Report] []

>>6142 wakaba doesn't do ipv6

No.6152 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 18:37] [Report] []

I demand to speak to Mr. Wakaba. PUT HIM ON THE PHONE.

No.6154 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 18:45] [Report] []

>>6152 complaints to

No.6155 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 19:04] [Report] []

there's a patch at

No.6156 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 19:45] [Report] []

>>6155 can't install that

No.6157 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-22 19:54] [Report] []

You can if you try hard enough and think positive thoughts.

No.6178 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-23 09:51] [Report] 1614091892101.png (10535 B, 927x148) [YIS] [GIS] []
10535 B

Why is this still here? It's not even the correct IP anymore.

No.6179 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-23 10:11] [Report] []

>>6178 nigga do you think anyone even looks at that to notice it?

No.6180 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-23 10:24] [Report] []

I am not African American

No.6181 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-23 10:45] [Report] []

>>6180 that's racist, nigga. i live in france, nigga. why do you think niggas have to be from america, nigga

No.6182 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-02-23 10:57] [Report] []

France has African Americans. Anyone with dark skin is African American. Jesus was African American.


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