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About chansluts

chansluts is a collection of imageboards where camgirls, camboys, and lurkers can upload and share links, images, and videos (in WEBM).

Everyone is free to choose to post anonymously, or with a desired username (in the name field), and share their comments and files, and discuss the media. No registrations required—not even an email address.

Privacy Policy

We don't collect any data. Since we don't collect any data, we don't sell, lose or give away any data.

There may be external services, that are loaded along with the site, that collect data. You will have to contact those services or find their privacy policies if you would like to have more information about their practices.

Acceptable Use Policy

You can use the website however it functions as long as you don't upload spam, or any prohibited or inapropriate content.

For more information, see the Rules page.

Terms of Service

You can use this service as long as you aren't banned.

Donations Refund Policy

Why would you want a refund on a donation? If you donated the wrong amount, I'm sure we can get that fixed somehow.

Prohibited Content

Prohibited Content includes, but is not limited to:

1. Child pornography, any media containing a nude minor.
2. Forced sexual activity of any kind, non-consensual sexual activity of any kind; consent cannot be given if someone is intoxicated, sleeping, hypnotized, etc.
3. Bestiality, this includes depicting sex with animals, and has been extended by the associations to include non-humans.
4. Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part.
5. Copyright/watermarked material or any kind. You are responsible for your upload.

Any attempt to upload the above prohibited content will void our privacy policy for the individual IP address, and customer information will be shared with third parties to include, but not be limited to, your local police and the FBI.

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