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No.3308 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:52] [Report] 1251910357061.jpg (600855 B, 825x1100) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
600855 B

Ah, small update. My camera was being wonky, so excuse the bad lighting/shots, whatever you want to complain about.

New hair, that's about all. :O

No.3309 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:53] [Report] 1251910420406.jpg (653704 B, 1100x825) [YIS] [GIS] []
653704 B

Like I said, lighting went wonky in some shots. I have to use the ISO setting instead of soft shot to take pics in my bathroom.

No.3310 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:54] [Report] 1251910452396.jpg (539697 B, 1100x825) [YIS] [GIS] []
539697 B

At least they're decently sized pictures.

No.3311 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:55] [Report] 1251910514083.jpg (593762 B, 1100x825) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3312 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:55] [Report] 1251910537945.jpg (645970 B, 1100x825) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.3314 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)09:56] [Report] 1251910569819.jpg (619586 B, 1100x825) [YIS] [GIS] []
619586 B

And that's all, folks.

No.3317 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)16:25] [Report] []

why did you go with emo hair?
you look like a whore now :/

No.3318 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/02(Wed)16:36] [Report] []


Oh dear. I'm sorry. :]

No.3319 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)17:02] [Report] []

well no need to be sorry. i just have had bad experiences with girls with that hairstyle.

No.3320 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)18:35] [Report] []

i find it nice its well done for what it is i find emo hair makes girls look less like whores actually

No.3321 : Togepi Worship #rwTzXYi3BQ [09/09/02(Wed)19:21] [Report] []

She is not a whore!!

No.3322 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)20:04] [Report] []

Care to explain, Mister?

No.3323 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)20:35] [Report] []


the white knight has appeared

No.3324 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/02(Wed)21:00] [Report] []

You came in too soon, brother.

No.3325 : The Cheshire Cat [09/09/02(Wed)22:03] [Report] []

Agreed, payoff could have been grander had you waited. But it was still funny.
That's it, I can't take it anymore, I'm fapping.

No.3326 : Spider Jerusalem #Wz3huJ2cRQ [09/09/02(Wed)22:09] [Report] []

Green and black; interesting combo choice...

Are we to assume bathroom pics are due to a lack of anywhere else away from prying eyes?

You big fat ruiner! You ruin everything!

What, just now? Late cat is late.

No.3327 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)23:03] [Report] []

could you just get fully naked, i mean holy fucking shit, enough with this bullshit teasing crap, all guys want is both holes spread open so we can jack off, we dont give two fucks about artistic photos

No.3328 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/02(Wed)23:05] [Report] []

I have to agree with him/her. Not enough updates with too little nudity.

No.3329 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/02(Wed)23:30] [Report] []

Actually, what I want right now is a sandwich. And why masturbate when you can go out and nab yourself a girl?

Oh, wait, right. You're a basement dwelling virgin. Disgruntled, unbathed, inexperienced, bottom of the chain vermin.

In case you didn't notice, you contradict yourself. You say you agree with the poster above you, however, you suggest you want more updates with a little nudity as opposed to the porn star whoring that the poster above you wants.

P.S. 33bar gives more than two fucks about her artistic side.


No.3330 : Klly [09/09/03(Thu)00:44] [Report] []


No.3331 : Diabhal [09/09/03(Thu)06:20] [Report] []

@Sissi your textual slap downs never fail to amuse me. Keep it up.

No.3332 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)06:45] [Report] []

micky mouse!!!

No.3333 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)07:33] [Report] []

In case YOU didn't notice, you're one stupid son of a bitch. I was commenting on her current trend. She updates waaaay too little, and when she does, there is hardly any nudity.

If I agreed with >>3327 then obviously I'd like to see her more naked, more often, you fucking moron.

No.3334 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)09:08] [Report] 1251994080917.jpg (645075 B, 1600x1200) [YIS] [GIS] []
645075 B

I think Sissi is a pretty cool guy. eh has a wolf poster on the wall and doesnt afraid of anything.

No.3335 : annyoH [09/09/03(Thu)09:55] [Report] []

Let me just say Thank You!

No.3336 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/03(Thu)09:59] [Report] []

No, you were agreeing with the poster with you. At least, that's what your post conveyed. Either you are retracting what you said, or you don't know how to properly write what you want to convey.

In case you haven't picked up on it, she's a bit burnt out on doing nudes. Slow much, good sirs?

No.3337 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/03(Thu)10:32] [Report] []


If you call those artistic, then I really don't know what to say. They're about as artistic in my mind as Piss Christ. :P


Indeed, I'm far too lazy.

No.3338 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)11:06] [Report] []

>>3336 well it's understandable, i honestly don't really care if she does nudes or not... i just like her pictures

No.3339 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)11:14] [Report] []

Blaming others for your inability to understand simple English. Typical Sissi.

No.3340 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)14:32] [Report] []

God dman you look just like Rogue from the Cruxshadows

No.3341 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)15:43] [Report] []

well, didnt she want to enter suicide girls o.O?
if she is burnout just by doing it for a while i cant see you doing it for work

No.3342 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/03(Thu)16:36] [Report] []

so do you not do nudes anymore? She fell into the curse of getting her own board and now doesn't want to to keep her fans happy. I agree on the part of her posting way too little and not enough nudes.

And wasn't she going to start doing videos too, she even had a stickam page for awhile...what happened to that?

These days....
Togepi = FAIL!

No.3343 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/03(Thu)17:06] [Report] []


Ah, stop whining and go trollop on some other board, I'll post nudes when I feel like getting around to it.


Ah, I still am wanting to. It's not that I don't like doing nudes, I've just been holding off until I get someone else to photograph for me. Like today me and a friend went out and took some pictures, explored a little, and I'll put those up pretty soon. We found a place that looks promising for a set, so we're thinking about maybe doing that Monday if things work out for both of us.

No.3344 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/03(Thu)17:17] [Report] []

Make sure it doesn't have dogs to chase you off.

No.3345 : Spider Jerusalem #Wz3huJ2cRQ [09/09/03(Thu)18:30] [Report] []

But then... how would we get our Zany Adventures of Togepi?
Without being chased by dogs, what do we have?

No.3346 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/03(Thu)18:34] [Report] []

No droppings of memory cards.

No.3347 : Togepi #2S5Bsbrbb. [09/09/03(Thu)19:07] [Report] []


Nah, I'm not that hardcore. ;.; It's right outside an old person park, that no one goes to.

No.3348 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/03(Thu)20:51] [Report] []

Is that why you colour hair so often, and sneak your camera into the bathroom so your parents don't get suspicious?

No.3349 : The Cheshire Cat [09/09/04(Fri)01:20] [Report] []

That would've been hot if we could'a got pictures of the dogs chasing her. I bet her ass looks awesome when she runs.

No.3350 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/04(Fri)15:12] [Report] []

Sissi has to be the biggest fucking faggot basement dweller on these boards

No.3351 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/04(Fri)16:30] [Report] []

Everyone says that, so it must be true.

What are you going to do about it, nancy boy?

No.3354 : Logos [09/09/04(Fri)21:37] [Report] []

He probably won't do anything about it; the reason being because you probably couldn't take the criticism and ban hammered him.

No.3355 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/04(Fri)22:12] [Report] []

I haven't ban hammered him because it's actually me making drama.

No.3356 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/04(Fri)22:34] [Report] []

>>3350 Sissi should get a haircut and a job.... his hippie flowerpower attitude makes me want to kill myself.

No.3357 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/04(Fri)23:51] [Report] []

It isn't flower power. You know your friend's hot mom? Yeah, I want to be her one day.

No.3359 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/05(Sat)05:08] [Report] []

>>3357 wow...you need some major huge implants then... i dont really care for giant tits but my friends hot moms tits are like so rediculously huge it makes me wanna slap my mamma

No.3360 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/07(Mon)02:02] [Report] []



lern u sum

No.3361 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/07(Mon)07:31] [Report] []


thats one of my fav pics of you togepi.
also really like your hair, yeah its emo etc still looks good though =)

No.3362 : Spider Jerusalem #Wz3huJ2cRQ [09/09/07(Mon)08:52] [Report] []

... and there's your new slogan:
Togepi - making emo look good.

(however much of an oxymoron that may be)

No.3386 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/08(Tue)21:40] [Report] []

...that and you seem unskilled at interrupting the same messages that they write. Not that its a bad thing on its own but when paired with one-sided accusations with little to no explanation with how you came to such a conclusion (such as what you had said) - it does make it look like you're doing nothing more then trying to start fights impulsively with trolls. Getting into fits with trolls can be fun, but may I suggest being a little more intelligible?

No.3387 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/08(Tue)21:44] [Report] []

No, you can't because I just banned you.


No.3388 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/08(Tue)21:53] [Report] []

That was a joke, by the way.

No.3390 : Carolina #Lss1z5WUDo [09/09/08(Tue)23:00] [Report] []

Your jokes aren't funny, Sissi.

No.3403 : Lerk [09/09/10(Thu)09:54] [Report] []


Taking pictures with a face like that, yes Sissi clearly has BALLS of steel

No.3408 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/09/10(Thu)16:14] [Report] []

They're made of tungsten, actually.

No.3639 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/21(Mon)17:55] [Report] []

and filled with liquid awesome.

is it weird that i know that?...

I'm not gay!

No.3647 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/22(Tue)21:41] [Report] []

>>3639 But i bet your ULTRA gay


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