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No.1838 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-28 17:18] [Report] 1661721537310.png (3261898 B, 1031x1833) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
3261898 B

why aren't you adopting a cat?

No.1839 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-28 23:21] [Report] []

Sorry for the essaypost. I'm just a semi-close associate of hers (no, I won't dox myself) and had to let this all out because it's so difficult to hold it in when I interact with her:

It's crazy how much privilege and luxury being born somewhat-pretty and somewhat-wealthy has given Kathy (even though she's certainly put her every best effort since around she turned 18 into ruining the former and certainly hasn't done anything to enhance the latter, simply acting as a money sink for her parents). She's produced nothing of value her entire life (no, her completely economically unviable navel-gazing "artwork" doesn't count, nor does the shitty movie she "starred" in) other than the occasional fap fuel for pedos and coomers (that has rapidly declined in aesthetic value again due to her terrible choices) and yet she still gets to live a decent, cushy life attending a "prestigious" educational institute (being in the last year of getting her completely pointless, entirely occupationally null anyway Bachelor of "'Fine' 'Arts'" (I've checked her many pages and I'm still looking for it) at age fucking 29) and LARPing as a proper, dignified member of the refined upper classes (ironic given her political leanings), with all of the effete "self-care" and endless emotional/mental health support that entails, instead of starving on the street which would almost certainly be her natural fate (that or street walker) in the absence of circumstances propping her up.

It's funny too because despite this she is still objectively an abject failure who could have ended up with far more than she has had she had any real talent or sense in regards to using her (limited, but still useful) natural gifts. Pokimane for example is only 26 (only 3 years younger than Kathy) and still looks pretty much as good as she did when she was 18 and will almost certainly look nearly as good at 29, hence her flourishing career. Kathy had a 7 year head start on building her online presence, was probably at least comparable to Pokimane in aesthetics by 15, and thus could have easily been the Pokimane of her day but 1000x bigger by now obviously. She could be the empress of the Internet by now, the Oprah Winfrey (but less ugly and uncool) of online content creators, the leader of the distinguished old guard of all women online, but instead she fucked it all up by being a worthless, unmotivated druggy who is too deep in her own vacuous, narcissistic head.

She was born on third base and yet somehow now finds herself crawling backwards in the wrong direction toward first because she is that damn stupid, yet because of the privilege she was born with she will never suffer or experience even a tenth of the anguish, torture, and privation so common to those who have made decisions not even half as bad as hers. She was born with one golden goose in her flock, voluntarily slaughtered it, and yet still is readily able to enjoy the fruits of her elite overconsumption. The world is truly fucked.

She appreciates none of her fortune either. Instead she stays stuck on her woe is poor little me narrative because an online bf convinced her to take upskirt pics when she was 15 and 4chan pedos were attracted to her and she chose to keep going back to the demeaning sex work money well, how terrible for her! How put upon she is by this cruel world!... which has already given her an extra 7 years to complete a milestone most are expected to have finished long before her (and in a far more useful field) lest they become permanently sanctioned to the economic shadow realm. She is truly a clueless "Latine" princesa with no idea how things work for people in the real world.

I recently heard the term "lumpenbourgeois" and was amazed at how well it applies to her. People like her are why the left-wing politics she pretends to espouse never take off, because your average hard-working Joe is inevitably outraged by worthless grifters and eaters like her propped up by their families shrieking about inequality as if they are not its main beneficiaries. And now of course to try to inject even more of an idle sense of sociopolitical gravitas into her vain, meaningless life, she now identifies as an "agender" "she/they" with her (fake, because ultimately her problems work out to being a lazy, pampered, self-centered bitch) mental health diagnoses splayed out for all to admire. What a joke of a human being. Unfortunately circumstances mean that I can't (yet) spit in her face, but believe me that I am tempted every time I have an opportunity. Fuck this privileged, opportunistically "woke", clout-chasing, fake social activist bitch.

No.1840 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-29 19:14] [Report] []

>>1839 Dr. Reynolds?!

No.1841 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-29 19:22] [Report] []

what about the kittens though? much texto but no concrete plans to help those poor cats

No.1842 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-29 20:40] [Report] []

I already have too many cats.

I really wish she'd come back and do lewds. She was the best.

No.1846 : Anonymous Stalker [2022-08-29 23:53] [Report] []

'Sup, Camel!


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