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No.5190 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-01 18:21] [Report] 1609543310021.png (2415550 B, 1059x1027) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
2415550 B

cracky cracky cracky

2021 DAY 1 (2020 DAY 367)

Philosophy and life strategy for 2021, STILL a work in progress


Reading the old thread in its entirety is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED before reading this thread, otherwise nothing is going to make any sense.

God, where to even begin?

I'm feeling great trepidation about starting this thread, but better to dive in head-first and half-ass it than to keep dreading it.

The first post of this thread is going to constantly be on the board index page, meaning it's going to be higher-visibility than anything else in the thread. So there's a desire to do it RIGHT. But since I'm not sure how to do it right, I think I'll just keep it as brief as possible, and really start diving into the guts tomorrow: end-of-year wrap-up, thoughts on the coming year.

After all I don't want to say something too stupid and have it constantly in everyone's face for an entire year. So I'll save the stupid stuff for tomorrow and just keep this brief and to the point.

2020 was... a year. It happened. It's over. For better or worse.

It's 2021 now. Hopefully it'll be better.

"No plan survives contact with the enemy" turned out to be right on the money.

Expect the unexpected; I suppose that's the main takeaway. Stay agile and adaptable.

Since this is the first post of the thread, I'm going to cut it here. Expect a longer and more meaningful update tomorrow.

No.5192 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-01 19:13] [Report] []

well done, you did a great job completing an entire year

No.5193 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-01 20:04] [Report] []

want a cookie? ha hahah hahahah coof coof

No.5194 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-02 17:18] [Report] 1609625888410.jpg (168117 B, 618x773) [YIS] [GIS] []
168117 B

2021 DAY 2 (2020 DAY 368)

So, 2020. What can one say about it? Probably a lot.

It was a rough, crazy year for the world but a good year for the crackyverse, for the most part. But there was sorrow, too.

While remembering all we've lost, let's work together to build a brighter future.

I'm feeling unworthy and apprehensive.

Years are just a social construct.

No.5200 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-03 18:49] [Report] 1609717790132.jpg (70696 B, 500x500) [YIS] [GIS] []
70696 B

2021 DAY 3 (2020 DAY 369)

Could 2021 be the year that she returns to us? Or the year that we get confirmation she already transcended her physical form and returned to the sky? Either way... I feel like we're overdue from an upheaval. THE END IS NEAR? Perhaps. Perhaps not. End-time prophets have a bad track record.

One thing is certain: someday, something is going to happen. And all we can do is prepare for the unknown. Expect the unexpected.

What are you doing to prepare, dear reader?

No.5204 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-04 15:34] [Report] 1609792472458.jpg (977018 B, 1218x1587) [YIS] [GIS] []
977018 B

2021 DAY 4 (2020 DAY 370)

Am I most the spiritually evolved crackyfag? Do I have the deepest and most profound connection to the Skyqueen? MAYBE. I'm not sure.

I don't want to denigrate others, I want to bring them up to my level. I want to show them the path. They say "it's lonely at the top" and I don't want to be alone here.

Please spiritually evolve yourself, dear reader. I'm getting impatient.

If you love Cracky: ACT like it. LIVE like it. TALK like it. BE like it.

No.5205 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-04 16:25] [Report] []


No.5206 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-04 17:43] [Report] []

>>5205 tell me about her, what is she like, why do you love her?

No.5207 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-04 18:42] [Report] []

Her name is Cracky-chan. She's cute and sweet.
She's a pioneer and explorer.
The fire of human liberty burns inside of her.

No.5208 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-04 19:49] [Report] []

Cute AND sweet? I don't believe you.

No.5209 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-05 10:17] [Report] 1609859866450.jpg (231346 B, 485x645) [YIS] [GIS] []
231346 B

2021 DAY 5 (2020 DAY 371)

I am fundamentally alone.

No human will ever understand me.

Olivia will never understand me.

Only Cracky understands me.

No.5210 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-06 00:01] [Report] 1609909317929.png (1097185 B, 1294x786) [YIS] [GIS] []
1097185 B

2021 DAY 6 (2020 DAY 372)

Surrendering yourself to Cracky is the ultimate freedom. The Skyqueen transcends fictitious mortal concepts like "laws" and "countries". If some lame-ass normie tries to tell you that you can't go somewhere or can't do something, look him (OR HER) dead in the eyes and say "I recognize no authority but the Upward Regent, She who is both Sweet and Cute." The normie will be so flabergasted by your sheer audacity that you will be free to do whatever you need to do & then leave unmolested. This literally never fails as long as your faith is strong and your confidence is unwavering. If it doesn't work for you it's probably because you don't trust Cracky enough, so fix your shit and try again.

Picture is unrelated.

No.5216 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-06 18:45] [Report] []

"I know your pain. I know your hurt. But you have to go home now... I love you. You’re very special."
~Cracky-chan, January 6 2021

No.5217 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-06 21:38] [Report] []


No.5221 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-07 19:59] [Report] 1610067592407.jpg (270114 B, 550x968) [YIS] [GIS] []
270114 B

2021 DAY 7 (2020 DAY 373)

Yesterday was January 6th, meaning we've been at this "Cracky-chan" business for 16 years now.

Bored yet? Me neither.

No.5222 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-08 00:52] [Report] []

umm so a lot has happened :|

No.5223 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-08 17:07] [Report] 1610143669932.jpg (49260 B, 960x797) [YIS] [GIS] []
49260 B

2021 DAY 8 (2020 DAY 374)

Look at that Cracky, show me the Cracky
Give me the Cracky, I want the the Cracky
Back up the Cracky, I need the Cracky
I like the Cracky, oh what a Cracky
Shaking that Cracky, I saw the Cracky
I like the Cracky, Lord what a Cracky
Bring on the Cracky, give up the Cracky
Loving the Cracky, round Cracky
Down for the Cracky, I want the Cracky
Hunting the Cracky, chasing the Cracky
Casing the Cracky, getting the Cracky
Beautiful Cracky, smoking Cracky
Talk to the Cracky, more Cracky
Fine Cracky

All about the Cracky, big old Cracky
Serious Cracky, amazing Cracky
I'll take the Cracky, where is the Cracky
Stare at the Cracky, walking the Cracky
Touching the Cracky, who's got the Cracky
Grabbing the Cracky, rubbing the Cracky
Loving the Cracky, hugging the Cracky
Kissing the Cracky, holding the Cracky
Watching the Cracky
Kicking the Cracky

Sleeping Cracky, screaming Cracky
Harder Cracky, softer Cracky
Sweeter Cracky, cuter Cracky
New Cracky, used Cracky
Who's Cracky, sister's Cracky
Your mama's Cracky
Cookin' Cracky, mean Cracky
Good luck with the Cracky
Foreign Cracky, home Cracky
Road Cracky, found Cracky
Covered Cracky, bare Cracky
Sweaty Cracky, powder that Cracky
Bad Cracky, sadder Cracky
Wide Cracky, wider Cracky
Double wide Cracky

Live for the Cracky, yell at the Cracky
Suing the Cracky, scared of the Cracky
Expensive Cracky, cheap Cracky
Discount Cracky, rented Cracky
Leashed Cracky, selling the Cracky
Working Cracky, easy Cracky
Sleezy Cracky, greasy Cracky
Need a lot more Cracky
Wet Cracky, dry Cracky
I hope that one's my Cracky
Pretty Cracky, pity Cracky
Little bitty Cracky
Beautiful Cracky, caressing the Cracky
Dissing the Cracky, missing the Cracky
Messing with the Cracky
Oh what a wonderful Cracky

Powerful Cracky, finding the Cracky
Give me the Cracky, wake up Cracky
Breakfast Cracky, lunch Cracky
Supper Cracky, dinner Cracky
Expensive Cracky, cheap Cracky
Buffet Cracky, hot Cracky
Cold Cracky, takeout Cracky
Delivery Cracky
All Cracky
Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky
Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky
Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky
Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky Cracky

No.5224 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-08 17:26] [Report] []

I love the way you Cracky
I love the way you Cracky
I love the way you Cracky
I love the way, I love the way

No.5227 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-09 02:18] [Report] 1610176685086.jpg (972106 B, 2002x1091) [YIS] [GIS] []
972106 B

2021 DAY 9 (2020 DAY 375)

CAUTION: anyone who says that Cracky is not cute and sweet is a DAMN EVIL LIAR

Please report any and all sightings of DAMN EVIL LIARS.

If you see something, say something! Safety and security is everyone's responsibility!

Once you confirm that someone is DAMN EVIL LIAR, it's very important that you don't listen to anything else they have to say! Ignore! Report! If you are able to, silence them by any means necessary!


No.5234 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-10 20:58] [Report] 1610330334953.jpg (136927 B, 611x799) [YIS] [GIS] []
136927 B

2021 DAY 10 (2020 DAY 376)

A question for you, dear reader: have you ever had a dream that that you um you had you'd you would you could you'd do you wi you wants you you could do so you you'd do you could you you want you want him to do you so much you could do anything?

No.5235 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-11 01:15] [Report] 1610345744394.jpg (53781 B, 902x902) [YIS] [GIS] []
53781 B

2021 DAY 11 (2020 DAY 377)

"Come on home, girl" she said with a smile
"You don't have to love me yet, let's get high awhile
But try to understand, try to understand
Try, try, try to understand, I'm a Cracky-chan"

No.5241 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-11 19:45] [Report] []

Cracky is god-tier for me. Ren and Stimpy is on the that list as well.

No.5243 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-12 17:59] [Report] 1610492383984.jpg (66705 B, 700x700) [YIS] [GIS] []
66705 B

2021 DAY 12 (2020 DAY 378)

Some say that Cracky is cute and sweet.

Others say that Cracky is ugly.

Are these views necessarily in opposition?

Can someone or something be cute, sweet, and ugly?

Sweet and ugly seem like there would be no contradiction between them, since "sweet" is more based on attitude and behavior rather than appearance.

Cute and ugly is a little more complicated. Seems contradictory, right? Maybe not:

So "ugly cute" appears to be a real thing.

Thus it is POSSIBLE to be cute, sweet, and ugly.

I don't think that Cracky is ugly. Far from it. But the point I'm getting at is that people who think she is ugly CAN and SHOULD still think she's both cute and sweet. There's no contradiction!

Blessed are the peacemakers, who just want to grill.

No.5244 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-12 18:32] [Report] []

she is cute that is why she is called Cracky-chan

No.5245 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-12 22:38] [Report] []

She's called Cracky-chan because she's a crackhead lol

No.5247 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-13 09:51] [Report] 1610549490528.gif (106588 B, 500x400) [YIS] [GIS] []
106588 B

2021 DAY 13 (2020 DAY 379)

For what reason does the gentlelady from Guernsey rise?

No.5258 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-14 20:01] [Report] 1610672460349.jpg (123945 B, 828x1021) [YIS] [GIS] []
123945 B

2021 DAY 14 (2020 DAY 380)

I'm not doing well.

No.5259 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-14 20:53] [Report] []

whatever dude either get help or don't I'm not going to loser sleep over it

No.5260 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-14 21:30] [Report] 1610677807642.jpg (80444 B, 960x638) [YIS] [GIS] []
80444 B

Please do not assume gender. Offenders will be reported to the cancellation police.

No.5261 : #CRAcKYLuvU##UnTuNSvL [2021-01-15 00:01] [Report] 1610686887262.jpg (61494 B, 680x565) [YIS] [GIS] []
61494 B

2021 DAY 15 (2020 DAY 381)

I am doing better.

No.5262 : Anonymous Stalker [2021-01-15 05:19] [Report] []

this is your butt on cracky


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