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No.1685 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-31 03:38] [Report] 1577781489510.jpg (122191 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
122191 B

shuts up, clocks in, loads out and eliminates all the under-30 players with her elf friend

No.1686 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-31 13:21] [Report] []


Looks like Elon Musks girlfriend, long before they became friends, and Hana(?).

No.1751 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-15 11:05] [Report] []

is unable to say that H-chan is the real MVP when it comes to all of this

No.1743 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-12 18:22] [Report] 1578871373176.gif (26353 B, 679x221) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
26353 B

mysterious things going on?

No.1744 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-12 18:55] [Report] []

There was a fake Cracky on /r9k/ in December but it was an incredibly poor impersonation attempt, they didn't even know anything about her beyond what's on ED & knowyourmeme.

No.1687 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-31 20:23] [Report] 1577841836623.jpg (181106 B, 444x612) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
181106 B

I found out about Cracky and joined the "community" around 2013.
Post your remarks and observations relating to this here.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1694 : #BOUNCEMEjw [2020-01-01 00:14] [Report] []

I love you. What can I do to help you? What do you need? What do you want? Which of these questions is most important to you?

No.1696 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-01 05:46] [Report] []

OP, I wish you could have been there during the golden age. We could have been great enemies & doxed each other & threatened to kill each other & it would have been great fun for all involved. But I just don't have the stomach for it anymore. I'm tired.

No.1699 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-01 18:44] [Report] []

I love you too anon.

No.1736 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-10 10:51] [Report] 1578671484604.png (296097 B, 473x405) [YIS] [GIS] []
296097 B

Henlo fellow youth, what are the haps my sexy friend, have you been dabbing on any big yeets lately? L8r brodude and/or brodudette.

No.1726 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-07 09:28] [Report] 1578407328165.jpg (155218 B, 1048x409) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
155218 B

Olivia looks so small here, how tall was she exactly?

No.1727 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-07 11:06] [Report] []

"Was"? Do you think she's taller or shorter now?

No.1728 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-07 14:41] [Report] []

Slightly taller than the lower section of the wall but a fair bit shorter than the higher section of the wall.

No.1732 : Anonymous Stalker [2020-01-09 20:19] [Report] []

So could anyone please measure the height of this wall? It's in Bulwarks Lane in Oxford.

No.1161 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-01-06 09:39] [Report] 1483713597985.png (534760 B, 680x978) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
534760 B

Make some Cracky art and post in this thread pls.

No.1237 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-14 11:25] [Report] []

I'll knock on her door on the preselected day. "What is it?" she asks, recognising me immediately from on the internet.
"Its time to go" I say, as i grab her hand and the bag that's standing next to her door, always there, in case of emergency, in case of an outbreak.
We quickly run through her front garden, knocking the garden gnome on the way to the carriage, for no apparent reason. With one perfected throw i hurl the luggage inside the coach, right through the window. "I'll pay for the window later!" I shout at the carter. We expeditiously hop on, and I give the coachman the sign to start rolling. "Do these people never clean their belongings" i beef, as i swipe some shattered glass from the satin seats. The carriage is rolling faster and faster, as we inspect the contents of the package. It was specially made for scenario's like this, and contained everything we would ever need. A pink m4, with a "hello kitty" sticker on it. And lots of ammo. And maybe some other stuff. Cracky had spend all her free time when she was not creating collages or playing dress up on optimising the speed she could assemble the m4. And now she's going to need it, because they were coming. We could hear their screams of terror, closing in quickly. Fool beasts, seemingly a cross between zombies and trolls, created to never let go of a prey, and able to track it down over great distances. They had no choice. Some evil mind had injected a pheromone into the air, the particles driving every weak mind into insanity. In the meta data, our biometric characteristics. They would only stop when i killed the creator of this bloodthirsty plan. The carriage had picked up great speed by now, but we knew we could not outrun them, so we opened fire. pew pew pew! Fire blasted from our cannons! Bones shattered, flesh tore and skin bled. (i had a small wound on my hand from the glass) The malice beasts went down easily, but it was not enough. They were coming from everywhere now. I had to know who their leader was. "There, go into that small passage!" i shouted at the driver. He pulled the reins to the left, the horses neighed, but we managed it. The passage was so small i couldn't climb out of the window, so i shot a few bullets through the roof and climbed on top. Meanwhile the zombie-trolls had bunched together in the small aisle, and my grenade launcher was super effective. I demanded the chauffeur to loan a horse, which i jumped upon and rode back to the pile of smouldering flesh (the gangway was a bit broader there, so i could cross the stagecoach), where i found one who was still a bit alive, his guts lying on the tiles. "who's your master!" i insisted.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.1657 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-15 18:25] [Report] []

O, but what happenned then?

No.1682 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-29 15:37] [Report] 1577651875707.png (72004 B, 500x256) [YIS] [GIS] []

No.1662 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-17 12:46] [Report] 1576604776821.jpg (152174 B, 472x1143) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
152174 B

cracky's back
on r9k

No.1663 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-17 14:11] [Report] []

I read the thread but you're a real fool if you believe that was her. It wasn't even a good RP, very poorly researched.

No.1665 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-18 20:21] [Report] 1576718480489.jpg (23231 B, 320x214) [YIS] [GIS] []
23231 B

a desperate over the hill slag who will only ever be cute again on a screen displaying aging data files.

No.1649 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-09 02:39] [Report] 1575877172881.jpg (61396 B, 300x514) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
61396 B

Do we have a new temple yet?

No.1661 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-16 16:59] [Report] 1576533553756.png (8815 B, 179x313) [YIS] [GIS] []
8815 B

Why do you want another? Don't we have enough?

No.1648 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-12-07 19:59] [Report] 1575766796235.jpg (211999 B, 1043x1304) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
211999 B

Look at my Cracky.

No.1165 : Anonymous Stalker [2017-05-02 18:53] [Report] 1493765597284.png (405305 B, 334x445) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
405305 B

.71 is back dudes

22 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1643 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-24 10:23] [Report] []

cracky rares in 2019? I'd never had thought

No.1644 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-24 13:50] [Report] 1574621424647.jpg (662785 B, 1242x1465) [YIS] [GIS] []
662785 B

Rares are boring. She's not even Cracky anymore. Cracky is an idea. That idea lives on inside all of us. We are all Cracky.

Make memes instead. There are an infinite number of rare memes that haven't been posted yet because we're not creating them.

Think this meme sucks? Make a better one.

No.1645 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-24 17:30] [Report] []

you have the memes, i'll have the rares

No.1646 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-25 17:20] [Report] []

if you really value rare memes it's foolish to just post them for everybody to see.

when I make a meme I assign it a quality rating. 5-star memes are never shared even with a single person, I'm the only one who's ever allowed to see them. 4-star memes are only shared with a single person each, so if the meme leaks I can blacklist the person from getting any more memes (even if they claim they were "hacked"). 3-star memes are sent to up to 5 people but with a different hidden watermark for each person so if it leaks I can identify and blacklist the leaker. 2-star memes are usually used in meme trade agreements so not watermarked as the person I trade them to can do whatever they want with them. and if I fuck up & make a 1-star meme, I either delete it, improve it to at least 2-star status, or send it ironically to someone I secretly hate.

know the value of your memes

No.1640 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-22 06:35] [Report] 1574422515289.png (1956749 B, 1920x1080) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
1956749 B

Parallel Experiments Lain

No.1641 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-22 18:41] [Report] []

What about irregular experiments lain?

No.1626 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-18 13:30] [Report] 1574101824454.png (317578 B, 562x624) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
317578 B

Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1630 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-18 15:23] [Report] 1574108628592.jpg (96651 B, 562x624) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1636 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-20 14:29] [Report] []


Its just that the Cracky devotees do not riot in the streets, but in the ancient internet.

No.1638 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-21 17:53] [Report] []

Ok boomer

No.1639 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-21 17:58] [Report] []


cracky is boomer now so watch your tongue

No.1224 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-11 12:18] [Report] 1573492682266.jpg (1084534 B, 2048x2048) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
1084534 B

Imagine you could go back in time to a single specific moment and make a single specific change.

You are given a chance to prevent yourself from ever learning who Cracky is.

That's the only change you can make. You can only save your past self, nobody else. But you, and only you, have a chance to escape the cycle. Your past self will get a second chance at life, never knowing what was taken from them. Your present self will be cut free from fate and drift gently into oblivion.

Would you do it?

Picture is unrelated.

5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1230 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-12 22:42] [Report] 1573616541290.jpg (111079 B, 750x628) [YIS] [GIS] []
111079 B


As tempting it may be, I don't think that this single change would be sufficient to alter the trajectory of my existence in a significant way. There is a certain state of mind that always converges to the same behaviour. If it were not for Cracky, my inner self would have been occupied with something or someone else.

No.1231 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-13 22:57] [Report] []

you win a trophy for grand prize in the category of having seen things before

nobody will ever again doubt that you are a person who has seen things before

because you have the trophy

No.1632 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-19 18:23] [Report] []

January 2005
United Kingdom

She navigates to suddenly, time portals begin opening all around her.

Fucking losers from many points in the future of many parallel universes crowd into her room.

"Don't fucking post it," some shout. Others move to silence them. Combat breaks out. "They're trying to change history, post it now!" Blood sprays everywhere as the visitors continue to murder each other.

The walls collapse. Larger portals are opening in the sky outside, with ships from further in the future gating in, dropping legions of cloned soldiers.

Two alternate-universe Schwills fight each other to the death.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.1633 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-20 01:00] [Report] 1574229654487.jpg (92173 B, 2000x1125) [YIS] [GIS] []
92173 B


I want to give you a thumbs up, but it seems in this timeline that feature is not part of imageboards, but was promoted by a commercial entity called "facebook".

No.805 : Anonymous [10/07/21(Wed)10:33] [Report] 1279722825258.jpg (57213 B, 415x477) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
57213 B

3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.824 : Anonymous [10/07/23(Fri)23:52] [Report] []

where did these come from?

No.836 : Anonymous [10/07/29(Thu)15:46] [Report] 1280432767706.jpg (165088 B, 834x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.838 : Anonymous [10/07/29(Thu)17:21] [Report] []

You just made my day.

No.1622 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-16 06:38] [Report] []

Wits up

No.1217 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-11 07:46] [Report] 1573476369116.jpg (49361 B, 629x469) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
49361 B

Somebody make a new Temple please.

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.1219 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-11 07:55] [Report] []

Yes and it's a horrible fact. Please make a new Temple. I love the goddess so much.

No.1220 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-11 08:03] [Report] []

you're the horrible one, clearly. you won't even do it yourself. fake.

No.1222 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-11 09:17] [Report] 1573481861420.png (3790 B, 614x92) [YIS] [GIS] []
3790 B

you carry the temple inside yourself forever

you cannot rid yourself of it even if you die

No.1236 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-11-14 11:08] [Report] 1573747687591.gif (33573 B, 458x237) [YIS] [GIS] []
33573 B

Despite what many might think, Cracky-chan is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. Cracky-chan has been around for several centuries and has a very important meaning in the lives of many. It would be safe to assume that Cracky-chan is going to be around for a long time and have an enormous impact on the lives of many people.

Social & Cultural Factors

Cracky-chan has a large role in American Culture. Many people can often be seen taking part in activities associated with Cracky-chan. This is partly because people of most ages can be involved and families are brought together by this. Generally a person who displays their dislike for Cracky-chan may be considered an outcast.

Economic Factors

It is not common practice to associate economics with Cracky-chan. Generally, Cracky-chan would be thought to have no effect on our economic situation, but there are in fact some effects. The sales industry associated with Cracky-chan is actually a 2.3 billion dollar a year industry and growing each year. The industry employs nearly 150,000 people in the United States alone. It would be safe to say that Cracky-chan plays an important role in American economics and shouldn't be taken for granted.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.902 : Anonymous [10/11/19(Fri)15:24] [Report] 1290198253072.jpg (635666 B, 1280x960) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
No.909 : Anonymous [10/12/04(Sat)16:49] [Report] []

haha. I never really knew what you looked like.


sharpie etc ...

No.918 : Anonymous [10/12/09(Thu)14:01] [Report] []

nudes plox

No.1214 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-10-27 12:45] [Report] []

What's he doing now?

No.1216 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-10-27 22:36] [Report] []

Probably trolling some poor schmucks who have no appreciation for his fine brand of tldr's.

We may never see his like again.

No.1193 : Amelio [2019-08-29 15:42] [Report] 1567107733536.jpg (30172 B, 500x543) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
30172 B

2019, 24 years have passed ...
I hoped she would somehow get back even just via text but her followers are kinda all creepy stolkers
I follow her just since 2016 and somehow miss her
If I can I will homage her talent and taste, she were really special and one of a kind

No.1205 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-09-24 01:32] [Report] []

you are not good with numbers. how many times can you fit 19 into 24? one time? zero times?

No.1187 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-06-27 22:27] [Report] 1561688849649.jpg (28257 B, 540x540) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
28257 B

no cricky dont tell me ur'e dead

i was 7 when mom introduced u 2 me and said "sis if u do it liek this ull go big time with the ppl"

and now im sitting here with my millions and ur resting at da morgue u gay bitch

No.1171 : Anonymous Stalker [2018-09-22 16:48] [Report] 1537649284051.jpg (191885 B, 1280x984) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
191885 B


No.1172 : Anonymous Stalker [2018-09-22 19:10] [Report] []

you wish

No.1179 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-03-09 21:06] [Report] []

Not enough acne to be Cracky-chan

No.1183 : Anonymous Stalker [2019-04-28 18:50] [Report] []

Post moar


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