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No.1465 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/08/15(Fri)22:47] [Report] 1218865628759.jpg (39578 B, 300x447) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
39578 B

my face is getting fatter.
am i the only one that sees this?

No.1466 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/08/15(Fri)22:49] [Report] 1218865766968.jpg (47049 B, 700x470) [YIS] [GIS] []
47049 B

i lost my nose D:

No.1467 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/08/15(Fri)22:55] [Report] 1218866101822.jpg (92399 B, 700x470) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.1468 : Sissi [08/08/15(Fri)23:52] [Report] []

Ride a bicycle instead of driving your vroom vroom everywhere. :(

Also, ANIMU CHAR >>2

Also, lookin' good still.

No.1469 : Anonymous Stalker [08/08/16(Sat)04:13] [Report] []

You are the only one that sees this and a bicycle in NC sounds terribly hilarious considering nobody lives there.

No.1471 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/08/16(Sat)06:01] [Report] []

no srsly tho, i wish i could ride a bike everywhere i needed to go. D: i cant wait to move.

No.1476 : paperheart [08/08/16(Sat)07:48] [Report] []

>>1467 doesn't look fatter to me, but you look evil here :3

No.1500 : Anonymous Stalker [08/09/02(Tue)14:28] [Report] []


You aren't too bright are you. I'm in NC and I ride a bike. A lot of people ride bikes here. Retard.

No.1501 : Anonymous Stalker [08/09/02(Tue)14:30] [Report] []


Would you like to ride a bicycle to work when work is 30 miles away. I do ride often, but seriously, it's really convenient to drive to work when you are that far.

No.1502 : Anonymous Stalker [08/09/02(Tue)17:51] [Report] []

I know a lot of people ride bikes in NC. I used to live there so it's not like I don't know what it's like. A lot of times things are way the fuck nowhere which is why I said what I did. You need to learn to identify and take joke. Way to make assumptions about everyone else and try to be an internet tough guy.

No.1503 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/09/02(Tue)19:57] [Report] []

jesus guys.
i live out in the middle of nowhere. farm land. if you've seen most of the pictures i've posted my environment is mostly farmland and woods.
Best Buy was 20 miles out of the way for me, and the only quickest way to get there was Interstate 85.
North Carolina is very diverse. I just happen it live in bum-fuck-nowhere.

No.1506 : Anonymous Stalker [08/09/02(Tue)21:43] [Report] []

that was my point with >>1502

and now I will stop since this board doesn't need people arguing over petty things.

No.1509 : malori/upchan #C7yjkvuf.2 [08/09/02(Tue)22:18] [Report] []


No.2906 : Anonymous Stalker [13/03/14(Thu)13:59] [Report] []

Hard to believe someone so pretty like malori is from the same state as me! :P Go NC! ^_~ 26y/o handsome white NERD here! If your ever bored drop me a line Mal.! Gitan187 at hotmail =]

No.2909 : Anonymous Stalker [13/03/16(Sat)17:12] [Report] []

I wish your were my gf


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