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No.293 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/09/30(Wed)11:16] [Report] 1254334578398.jpg (371344 B, 467x806) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
371344 B

I'm going through a difficult time in my life.
I can't quiet tell if I'm happy or sad.
I've lost all drive and passion.
I feel my world crumbling around me.
Yet in this time, I know who I am.
Who I will always be.

I'm the guy who listens closely.
I'm the guy who loves too much.
I'm the guy who cares an awful lot.
I'm the guy who won't give up.

Behind these crooked smiles.
I cry tears of anger, and sorrow.
But in this time of loneliness.

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No.296 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/10/01(Thu)20:34] [Report] []

and you of course.

No.297 : Anonymous Stalker [09/10/02(Fri)03:18] [Report] []

I hope so. D:

No.298 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/10/02(Fri)06:54] [Report] []

I know you're always there for me.
In my heart, and in my dreams.
Your love, it made a man of me.
A rough time for me I know it seems.
I'll make it through this all just fine.
Remembering, you once, were mine.

No.299 : jamey-kun [09/10/03(Sat)00:41] [Report] []


/me hug Pooru close and snuggly.

No.289 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/09/20(Sun)20:55] [Report] 1253505320567.jpg (278233 B, 3200x1200) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
278233 B

omg desktop time? :3

No.291 : Princess-kun #IiWQj2Bppc [09/09/24(Thu)21:33] [Report] 1253853185322.png (489914 B, 1280x800) [YIS] [GIS] []
489914 B


No.279 : Ninja- [09/09/07(Mon)03:52] [Report] 1252320740223.jpg (25461 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
25461 B

brb. bringing some rape to pooru-kun.

No.280 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/09/07(Mon)07:41] [Report] []

chuuuu~ <3

No.281 : Anonymous Stalker [09/09/07(Mon)07:45] [Report] []

Wat? did he bully you into pretending to worship him or something?
ugly weeaboo

inb4 banlolproxy

No.282 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/09/07(Mon)08:40] [Report] []

lol stalker much? xD

No.283 : Ninja- [09/09/08(Tue)02:06] [Report] []


No.142 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/07(Tue)15:44] [Report] 1239133445900.jpg (165758 B, 1900x810) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
165758 B

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No.148 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/10(Fri)00:22] [Report] []


No.150 : Mister Fantastic [09/04/15(Wed)01:52] [Report] 1239774745848.jpg (22925 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.151 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/04/15(Wed)15:46] [Report] []

I remember this one~ :3

No.251 : Anonymous Stalker [09/07/31(Fri)23:29] [Report] []

No.212 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/05(Sun)20:17] [Report] 1246850261267.jpg (178759 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
178759 B

Home of the Ugly

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No.233 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/07/14(Tue)22:25] [Report] []

Hi Pooru, how are you today?

No.234 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/14(Tue)23:19] [Report] []

Very well sir!

No.235 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/07/16(Thu)00:41] [Report] []

I am tired. Good night /poo/

No.236 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/07/17(Fri)22:32] [Report] []

Bonsoir, M. Pooru!

No.118 : GeeBaby. [09/03/19(Thu)23:01] [Report] 1237518100647.jpg (186602 B, 800x1138) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
186602 B

Thank you Paaaaul~ @ 0@;

No.119 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/19(Thu)23:29] [Report] []

You're welcome~ It'd have been tons easier if I had the pic on my compy when I did this, as opposed to on my cell. ;o;

No.109 : GeeBaby. [09/03/14(Sat)20:16] [Report] 1237076176430.jpg (35826 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
35826 B


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No.112 : GeeBaby. [09/03/14(Sat)20:17] [Report] 1237076232000.jpg (40281 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] []
40281 B


No.113 : GeeBaby. [09/03/14(Sat)20:17] [Report] 1237076271720.jpg (38454 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] []
38454 B


No.114 : witty #0bGNoW6HUE [09/03/15(Sun)01:46] [Report] []

Happy Birthday indeed!

No.115 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/15(Sun)03:48] [Report] []

thankies cutie!
you totally made my day :3

No.69 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/25(Wed)23:47] [Report] 1235623655332.jpg (244424 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
244424 B

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No.75 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/01(Sun)02:56] [Report] 1235894186864.jpg (294944 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
294944 B

A sexy challenger it seems~

No.76 : 2540BE3FF [09/03/01(Sun)02:58] [Report] []

And the look on his face: priceless. x]

No.83 : ~Ashe~ [09/03/05(Thu)00:28] [Report] []

Ooh! An artist!! I love frogs, sir.

Anyway, I couldn't find your e-mail (facepalm), and I'm just gonna throw mine out there. It's yvainlechevalier@gmail.com

No.99 : 2540BE3FF [09/03/11(Wed)03:38] [Report] []

I'm going to have the same coloring by the end of the week. :3
And, I'll have pics ^-^

No.77 : nynnie #d24hm37my6 [09/03/01(Sun)10:27] [Report] 1235921264028.jpg (188125 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
188125 B

I love /poo/

No.78 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/03/01(Sun)11:25] [Report] []

That is actually quite adorable~
<3 nynnie

No.44 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/12(Thu)22:46] [Report] 1234496772191.jpg (11843 B, 330x330) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
11843 B

Scan it. Have fun.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.52 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/18(Wed)11:37] [Report] []

You win!

No.58 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/20(Fri)19:48] [Report] []

I wish I had a phone T_T

No.72 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/27(Fri)10:32] [Report] []

Dick or GTFO.......?

No.73 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/27(Fri)21:48] [Report] []


No.60 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/22(Sun)02:47] [Report] 1235288821374.png (0 B, 800x450) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
No thumbnail

For Pooru-kun - A banner from my official authority. Now, all he needs is an Order of the Red Star and an Order of Lenin. :D

No.66 : Anonymous Stalker [09/02/24(Tue)18:35] [Report] []

you have spelling error. first word.

No.67 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/24(Tue)19:15] [Report] []

Fixable; what tense?

No.68 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/24(Tue)21:06] [Report] []


My external's being used T_T It's a quick edit too, I realized. Bear with me...!

No.71 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/26(Thu)22:03] [Report] 1235703830063.png (148075 B, 817x497) [YIS] [GIS] []
148075 B

To hell with it. deleted the slogan

Instead, have a better one. :D

No.59 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/22(Sun)01:42] [Report] 1235284943329.jpg (1698228 B, 2048x1536) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
1698228 B


No.61 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/22(Sun)13:40] [Report] 1235328050163.jpg (302872 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
302872 B


No.48 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/14(Sat)15:42] [Report] 1234644165053.jpg (263729 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
263729 B


No.50 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/17(Tue)00:10] [Report] []

For the record, Valentine's day sucked.

No.55 : GaoPanda #stHwxp9.b2 [09/02/19(Thu)18:29] [Report] []

I made you a valentine, but then I ate it. ._.

No.56 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/19(Thu)23:26] [Report] []

I'll give you something for Chaoflux :] (Feb 19)

No.57 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/19(Thu)23:27] [Report] []


No.21 : age #eNwncubcDk [09/02/02(Mon)14:14] [Report] 1233602046428.jpg (1292058 B, 1728x2304) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
1292058 B

[13:55] <age> when are you going to draw that picture of the virgin mary giving jesus a handjob while he's breastfeeding ;_;
[13:55] <Pooru> I don't think I ever will. I fear Deity Retribution.
[13:56] <age> you coward ;_;
[14:01] <Pooru> I know.;o;
[14:01] <Pooru> I'm pathetic
[14:01] <age> i'll draw it ;_; since youre too afraid

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.43 : GaoPanda #stHwxp9.b2 [09/02/12(Thu)19:55] [Report] []

Clearly a story for the ages.

No.47 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/12(Thu)23:41] [Report] []

or for age ;o;

No.53 : age #eNwncubcDk [09/02/19(Thu)06:45] [Report] []

i hope i was lying or kidding when i said this, because my life is a complete disaster now .-.

No.54 : Pooru #1QEq1l5HOY##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/19(Thu)13:54] [Report] []

I sure hope you were only kidding.

No.37 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/04(Wed)21:48] [Report] 1233802102194.jpg (410246 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
410246 B


No.41 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/06(Fri)19:00] [Report] []


\goes blue in the face, falls over, near-death\

No.38 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/04(Wed)22:07] [Report] 1233803251895.jpg (427519 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
427519 B

I'm bored...

No.39 : Q [09/02/04(Wed)22:59] [Report] []

why harrow thar...


No.40 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/04(Wed)23:01] [Report] []


No.31 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/03(Tue)10:59] [Report] 1233676744609.jpg (285226 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
No.32 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/03(Tue)11:03] [Report] []

The facial hair is just an over-exaggeration, I will not grow any. I refuse to.

No.33 : GaoPanda #stHwxp9.b2 [09/02/03(Tue)11:59] [Report] []

But it'd be so sexy.

No.35 : Sissi #OLAi9VIw7M [09/02/03(Tue)23:38] [Report] []

How's day 2? What is staycation?

No.36 : 2540BE3FF [09/02/04(Wed)07:08] [Report] []


Your pic is how I'm going to feel after coming home from work. I refuse to sleep...

No.19 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/02(Mon)12:21] [Report] 1233595308239.jpg (314907 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
314907 B

Staycation day 1

No.34 : Pooru ##1IfD8CcZ [09/02/03(Tue)18:02] [Report] []

day 1 sucked


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