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No.1046 : Shell Chan [10/06/27(Sun)00:57] [Report] 1277614631262.jpg (62016 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
62016 B

Just got banned from 4chan. Don't expect any new material until I am unbanned.
Begging will do nothing but annoy me.

No.1047 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)03:55] [Report] []

Not exactly begging here, but what does being banned from 4chan have to do with posting here?

No.1048 : Shell Chan [10/06/27(Sun)04:00] [Report] []

All the stuff I post here is from sets I make for /b/
I pick the ones I like best, and post them here to share for all.

No.1049 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)12:00] [Report] []

Why not post all of them?

No.1050 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)13:58] [Report] []

let us post them for you.

No.1051 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)14:09] [Report] []



No.1052 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)14:31] [Report] []


I mean, coordinate while you're online. You got a small personal army of perverts, here.

No.1053 : Anonymous [10/06/27(Sun)15:50] [Report] []


Just post the rest of the pics that you don't usually post here.

No.1054 : Anonymous [10/06/28(Mon)11:28] [Report] []

So because you got banned from 4chan we all have to suffer?

No.1055 : Anonymous [10/06/28(Mon)11:51] [Report] []

so there's stuff on /b/ that i've never seen? D:

No.1056 : Anonymous [10/06/28(Mon)12:14] [Report] []


This. I call bullshit.

No.1057 : Shell Chan [10/06/28(Mon)14:44] [Report] []

Yeah, like special requests and they make the tinychat rooms where I cam.

Also, nevermind, my ban was lifted because I was innocent.

No.1058 : Anonymous [10/06/29(Tue)12:48] [Report] []

Why don't you post in here anytime you're camming in tinychat? It's annoying that I'm missing out on so much win. >:(

No.1059 : Shell Chan [10/06/29(Tue)15:12] [Report] []

I don't think anyone would check the site and make it to the tiny chat on time.
There doesn't seem to be much traffic in here.

No.1061 : Anonymous [10/06/29(Tue)16:44] [Report] []

well when are you available? go on tinychat at a time set here and you can gauge the turnout

No.1062 : Anonymous [10/06/29(Tue)16:55] [Report] []

...and wading through /b/ to find your thread sucks. please, do your adoring fans a favor and post here also when you do. i also weep when i think about how much win is lost to the ether.

No.1064 : Shell Chan [10/06/29(Tue)21:47] [Report] []

If someone can find me a proxy that will actually allow me to show on tinychat, I will set things up for you guys, but nothing seems to work for me.

No.1065 : Anonymous [10/06/29(Tue)22:13] [Report] []


Not to mention the fact that most of them act like assholes.

No.1066 : Shell Chan [10/06/29(Tue)23:14] [Report] []

I was birthed from /b/, I have a soft spot for those little retards.

No.1067 : Anonymous [10/06/29(Tue)23:45] [Report] []


now if only you could get un-birthed back

No.1068 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)01:26] [Report] []



Password is n1gg3r

Also, fuck this chick. She should be more grateful for the attention we give her, especially considering how disproportionate it is to the limited amount of new content we get. I'm tired of stroking the egos of these whores in the hopes that they'll be generous enough to post new content.

If this one leaves, there will always be another one to take her place.

No.1069 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)01:30] [Report] []


Oh, you're tired of it. Go to bed, grandpa.

No.1070 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)03:21] [Report] []

How about Shell sets up a twitter account and posts and update when she's about to go on tiny? Easy! Then she could commentate on what she's doing for all the people who are asleep.

No.1071 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)03:25] [Report] []

I heard rumours of vids of Shell having sex. Anybody have them?

No.1072 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)14:30] [Report] []


besides the common one of her giving head, no one has them, sadly.

No.1073 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)18:54] [Report] []


That's a shame.

No.1074 : Anonymous [10/06/30(Wed)21:45] [Report] []


Fuckin' right.

No.1075 : Dutchfag [10/06/30(Wed)23:19] [Report] []


>...and wading through /b/ to find your thread sucks.

The place fucking sucks in general, tbh. Too many goddamn 15-year-olds these days.

But yeah, post on here moar. :(

No.1076 : Anonymous [10/07/01(Thu)12:56] [Report] []


Hell yeah

No.1093 : waq [10/07/08(Thu)16:54] [Report] []

oh my

No.1199 : Shell Fan [10/09/01(Wed)19:01] [Report] []

There is a video of her giving head? I would KILL for that video, where might I be able to find it, if you would be so kind?

No.1200 : Anonymous [10/09/02(Thu)18:32] [Report] []

lurk more. that's all i can tell you right now. it's not hard to find.

No.1201 : Shell Fan [10/09/03(Fri)01:40] [Report] []


Never mind, I found it.

No.1202 : Shell Fan [10/09/03(Fri)23:31] [Report] []


Just out of curiosity, the video I got is 39 seconds long, is there a longer version out there?

No.1204 : Anonymous [10/09/04(Sat)16:08] [Report] []

Nope. None of her videos are very long.

No.1205 : Anonymous [10/09/12(Sun)16:39] [Report] []

can someone link the beej vid?
im unable to find it :(

No.1206 : Anonymous [10/09/13(Mon)02:29] [Report] []

I hate to be the one to say this, but lurk moar. It's not that hard to find...

No.1207 : Anonymous [10/09/13(Mon)19:08] [Report] []


if you hated to be the one then you'd have just stfu

No.1208 : Anonymous [10/09/14(Tue)22:12] [Report] []


Have you tried It's pretty awesome!

Shell, where have you gone?

No.1209 : Anonymous [10/09/16(Thu)13:37] [Report] []

im not going to lie..
i would lick shells asshole nonstop for a good hour

No.1210 : Anonymous [10/09/16(Thu)18:07] [Report] []


i'd do it for a BAD hour

No.1211 : Anonymous [10/09/17(Fri)12:12] [Report] []

lol high five fellow anon

No.1212 : Anonymous [10/09/18(Sat)03:24] [Report] []

Any chance that we can ge at least a pic of you with pigtails? :D

No.1213 : Anonymous [10/09/18(Sat)20:23] [Report] []

Hey shell you are a fox.
will you go out with me.
signed anon.

No.1214 : Anonymous [10/09/21(Tue)21:47] [Report] []

Is Shell just posting on 4chan now?

No.1215 : Anonymous [10/09/24(Fri)12:54] [Report] []

u got fat anyways, fuck off shell

No.1216 : Anonymous [10/09/26(Sun)21:15] [Report] []


No.1217 : Anonymous [10/09/27(Mon)20:01] [Report] []

Nobody made your faggot ass come to this board. So fuck off if you don't like what you see.

Christ, you /b/tards really don't have a grasp of how easy this inernet thing really can be.

No.1218 : Anonymous [10/09/28(Tue)14:53] [Report] []



No.1219 : Anonymous [10/10/03(Sun)20:54] [Report] []

no u

No.1220 : Anonymous [10/10/05(Tue)18:24] [Report] []

There is piss vids of shellchan along with her giving head in an .rar.
Just search for the Complete Shellchan.rar on /rs/ or just shellchan it will come up.

No.1221 : Anonymous [10/10/08(Fri)20:51] [Report] []

please come back :(

No.1222 : sgell-chan [10/10/29(Fri)14:50] [Report] []
No.1225 : Anonymous [10/12/24(Fri)05:36] [Report] []

feliz navidad, shell :(

No.2876 : Anonymous Stalker [12/10/19(Fri)03:19] [Report] []


No.2951 : Dino [13/09/27(Fri)11:12] [Report] []

Srsly?! I'm banned from 4chan 420cha and 12chan (when it was still up, though I think I was just too old for them lol!). There are other chans out there, dear and 4chan is in no way directly connected to chansluts. Different admins, owners, etc. Q. How does not posting here anymore help take out your anger on 4chan or get you unbanned? A. It in NO way does.

No.2963 : anon [2014-07-29 14:38] [Report] []


No.3013 : Anon [2016-11-08 01:24] [Report] []



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