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No.191 : Hamstyrup [08/03/31(Mon)11:35] [Report] 1206988508419.jpg (61957 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
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No.228 : Hamstyrup [08/04/06(Sun)18:19] [Report] []


You're so silly. I'm working on it tonight :D

No.252 : The Philosophical Pervert [08/04/07(Mon)18:54] [Report] []

Anyone remember the old SNL skit "It's Pat" about the curly headed person of indeterminate gender who confused and confounded his/her co-workers who were always trying to figure out just what Pat was?

Syrup-chan is a little like that although much much hotter than Pat. If I were to see Syrup-chan on the street (presumably fully clothed) I probably wouldn't be able to say with certianty if I was looking at a boy or girl (unless she were clothes that made her boobs obvious). And it wouldn't matter because either way Syrup-chan would be equally fuckable. A Syrup-chan with penis is definitely relevent to my interests although a pussy is fine too.

A girly boy looking asian chick? Too hot for words. How hot? Well, I think it's over 9000.

For the ADD afflicted let me sum it by saying that the photos on this board are some of the sexiest I have seen ever. I have found my new obsession. No worries, I'm not a stalker type. Honest.

No.255 : Anonymous Stalker [08/04/08(Tue)07:30] [Report] []

tl;dr I <3 Shota.

No.257 : Anonymous Stalker [08/04/08(Tue)17:16] [Report] []


And in that next set, if you know...DO anything with that thing...


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